ION Lightning guard

Ultra-Fast Surge Protection
The Lightning Guard protects your valuable wall-powered electrical items against damage from electrical surges and spikes. Great for Computers and TV Recorders with valuable content. Protect hard- drives, Washing Machines, Printers, HiFiʼs, TVs, charging mobile phones and more.

Plug into any earthed outlet and all your electronic devices on the same group within 10 meters are protected against the effects of lightning strike, power surges and spikes*.

How it works
The Lightning Guard guides the surge through the earth outlet, away from your valuable devices, reacting faster than other devices to protect your electrical goods. It has a handy blue LED to show when it is working.

Response is everything
Lightning guard has a less than 1 nanosecond response time ensuring that your devices are not subjected to prolonged exposure to electrical surges when surge spikes occur.

Although many devices will claim to have built-in surge protection they often have much slower response times subjecting your device to prolonged damage in the event of an electricity surge or spike.

Nominal rating at constant load: 16A (DE) 13A (UK), 250V, 50Hz Max. energy dissipation: 1100 J
Maximum spike current 20000A Amps: L-N 10000A, L-G 10000A Clamping voltage: L-N,L-G 1.5KV
Protection modes: L-N, L-G
Response time: < 1 ns

* All devices must all be plugged into the same electrical group as the Lightning guard to be protected. The range of 10 meters is important for the response time of the Lightning guard. Devices that are further away than 10 meters in a straight line will not be protected because distance will influence the response time

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Germany, Austria, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Tunisia and Morocco
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United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus and Hong Kong
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South Africa, Namibia, Sri Lanka and Nepal
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