About Lightning

Some facts.
Worldwide, 16 million lightning storms occur every year 2.000 of those storms are happening simultaneously at any given moment. Every year lightning kills roughly 10.000 people around the world and injures about 100.000.

Although fascinating to watch, lightning strikes cause a lot of problems. They are a leading cause throughout the world of power-line disruptions, utility outages, and fires, and is the cause of billions of dollars of damage to home electronics.


Where does the most lightning occur?
The area on earth with the highest lightning activity is located over the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa. This area has thunderstorms all year round as a result of moisture loaded air masses from the Atlantic Ocean encountering mountains.

Where does the least lightning occur?
Lightning has its lowest frequency in polar areas. It is rarely seen over the Arctic Ocean or Antarctica. These areas are too cold to host the types of storms that produce lightning. Lightning also has a very low occurrence over the oceans.

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